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Best Air and Sea Freight Forwarding Service

Deluxe Haulage and Logistics provides best in class Air and Sea Freight Forwarding Service in Accra, Ghana. If you are looking to assign Air & Sea Freight forwarding service for your business, you are at the right place. We offer secure and timely freight forwarding service for goods. Be it air freight forwarding or sea freight forwarding, Deluxe Haulage and Logistics is capable of providing safe and secure service within stipulated time. This is the reason that we are considered as one of the fastest growing Air and Sea Freight Forwarding Companies in Accra, Ghana.


Our freight forwarding services are spread across the globe providing a wide variety of services, including the planning, import and export processes, for ocean and air freight. With the help of our highly effective and strong international networks we arrange pick up or forward cargo from any location across the globe. Deluxe Haulage and Logistics offers a comprehensive end-to-end freight forwarding service.

How It Works?

In order to make an informed decision about selecting the right freight forwarding service provider, you should be aware about the stipulated compliance time and safety measures undertaken by the service provider. In this regard, we are considered to be a reliable resort by our clients. We take pride in being one of the fastest growing haulage and logistics companies in Ghana. With the advent of COVID 19, the total air and sea freight forwarding system saw a lot of changes. In order to comply with the required guidelines, we have updated our services.


Choosing between air and sea freight might be confusing to someone. Well basically this decision is based on many aspects, like time of delivery, cost, weight of the product, location of import and export, quality and condition of goods. For small shipments using air freight service is a good option. While in case of large consignment, it’s better if you select the sea freight. This will be a more cost effective solution. If you are considering to receive your goods on an urgent basis, then definitely you must go ahead with Air Freight. For retail products, like electronics etc , it’s suggested to take air freight for better security.

So you can undoubtedly trust our Air and Sea Freight Forwarding service and we will ensure hassle free and on time service.

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