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Haulage Solutions by Deluxe Haulage and Logistics

Deluxe Haulage and Logistics provides the best haulage service in Accra, Ghana. With over 20 years of combined business experience in Airfreight, Sea Freight, overland transport and customs clearance to businesses and individual customers across Europe, UK, Asia and Africa, we are here to deliver happiness with utmost safety and care round the clock.


Our strength

Our strength lies in our experience and we are here to serve as your trusted haulage partner in Ghana.


Deluxe Haulage & Logistics possesses excellent team work and coordination which helps to ensure timely haulage service to businesses and customers.


A customer first logistics company in Ghana and expert in delivering the best haulage solution within and outside the country.


We are proud to be trusted by a wide base of customers from large global forwarders to small independent businesses. Standing tall with our commitment to deliver timely and perfect haulage solutions.


Since 2018 our commitment to deliver successful haulage service solutions to our clients across the globe is met with timely and reliable service because we believe in making haulage service easier for businesses so that our clients can concentrate on building their dreams.


At Deluxe Haulage & Logistics we operate a fleet of prime movers and trailers to transport your cargo and consignments in and out of Ghana.


The condition of our fleet is brand new and routine maintenance ensures our commitment for perfect service on time without causing delays.

All our vehicles meet the Euro 5 emission standards, which helps in reducing carbon and toxic emissions while they’re out on the road. Mobile radios and GPS-tracking systems help to enhance efficiency of our haulage service. With an optimal routing solution, the commitment to deliver the best haulage solution in Ghana is met every time.


With a team of efficient and highly skilled drivers, our haulage solution in Ghana has become the most sought after service since beginning.


Out-Of-Gauge (OOG) cargo to Dangerous Goods (DG), our team at Deluxe Haulage & Logistics is experienced to handle them with utmost care and perfection every time.


At Deluxe Haulage & Logistics we make sure to give you the best haulage solution every single time with the right balance of professional and personal touch.


So, if you’re looking for reliable haulage services in Accra, Ghana, contact us and we will take care of your haulage requirements with utmost safety and care round the clock.

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