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Affordable Cargo Consolidation Services

Deluxe Haulage & Logistics is here to provide the best consolidation of  cargo because we understand how businesses struggle to move cargo efficiently while trying to save on transportation and help manage their supply chain to meet the stringent deadlines for delivery at the last minute.


Running a business smoothly is tough and we at Deluxe Haulage & Logistics understand the extent every business goes to deliver the perfect product to their customers even when they’re running at loss.


So, we as the most reliable logistics company in Accra, Ghana are here to ensure your business runs smoothly and profitably.

Cost Effective

Consolidation of Cargo is cost effective and it is a smart option for shippers who have a few pallets of product or smaller shipments they want to package and ship in a single container. At times, these shipments come from multiple locations or suppliers, and need to be combined to ensure timely delivery within an affordable rate.


Transportation with containers helps to avoid congestion in busy ports. To ensure best delivery of every cargo, the containers are sealed which helps to protect the transported cargo from any kind of physical damage.

These containers also prevent the load from theft since the goods inside are not visible.

Advantages to consider Consolidation of Cargo:

  • Consolidation of cargo helps to cut the cost making the process affordable.
  • Through consolidation of cargo you can transport any cargo, palletized or non-palletized.
  • Transportation procedures maintain standard protocol and they guarantee security while taking care of your cargo till the time of delivery.
  • It is eco-friendly to combine several loads and transport them together instead of getting them separately.
  • It is tough for individual businesses to arrange consolidated shipping on their own. Logistics providers like Deluxe Haulage & Logistics are equipped to handle such orders every day and understand the unique requirement of every business.

With efficient logistics services delivered since 2018, we understand how tough it is to find a carrier that does consolidated shipping. So it is wise to choose the perfect team of experts in logistics who are also efficient in consolidation of cargo to get your business running round the clock while keeping a check on your profit margin and timely delivery of products.


If you’re still not sure if Cargo consolidation is the right option for you, contact us and share your requirements with our team of experts and they will guide you to find the best customized cargo consolidation service that your business needs.

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