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Customs Clearance Services by Deluxe Haulage and Logistics

Deluxe Haulage and Logistics provides the best custom clearance service in Accra, Ghana. We ensure providing hassle free shipping and custom clearance service to our clients. Our customs clearance service ensures taking goods via customs authority in order to facilitate the transition of cargo within our country and outside the country.


You might be aware of how to ship your goods, but if you are not aware of how the goods has to be cleared from the Port of Ghana, your whole effort will be useless. So we can say that while you are concentrating on importing your products to Ghana, you must give equal weightage to getting customs clearance on time. This is when top custom clearance service providers like Deluxe Haulage and Logistics are required.

How It Works?

We understand getting customs clearance is a tedious job. So our service includes acquiring documents processed by the customs authority to a shipper indicating that complete duties are processed and paid for the shipper’s goods. This means all essential clearance is received and export can be processed henceforth.


Since 2018 we have been successfully supporting our clients all across the globe with flexible shipping solutions. Our clients vouch on our timely, reliable service. We believe in simplifying your supply chain management and logistics process.

A Little Insight About Custom Clearance in Ghana

Custom clearance is the way that the Ghana Revenue Authority Customs Division follows to permit goods to enter or exit Ghana. The steps that are followed in this process are as follows:-

  • The starting phase includes ensuring that the preclearance documents are duly cleared and updated.
  • The next phase includes confirmation that the Bill of Entry is duly submitted and proper payment is received for the same. It is very essential that the timely payment schedule is maintained in order to avoid any additional payment.
  • Reviewing the submitted documents is the next phase of the custom clearance process. After making necessary reviews, a Release Message is addressed to the shipping authority.
  • The final phase is exit verification. This phase ensures that the products match up with customs division requirements. The process is concluded with the Gate Out Verification.

So if you are looking for custom clearance service in Ghana, you can definitely consider Deluxe Haulage and Logistics. We are one of the best in the field of custom clearance service in Accra, Ghana. We ensure our clients that shipments are delivered seamlessly in the shortest possible time.

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